Lights Go Out

Already  told  you  once or  twice     

I  remember  how the  Lights  go  out
From  somewhere  flowing  difficult tones
Can´t  i  look   - Well  enough …  
Lights go out  -  I wanna  sleep
( I heard the  angels ) - They whispering  , to me  
( With the  perfect  echoes ) - Perfect  echoes  to  die                            
I am  afraid only  -  I will  not  see your laugh …

Already  call you  once  or   twice
God  punish  us – if we  make a  fuss
From  somewhere  flowing  difficult  tones
Can´t  i  look -  Well  enough …
Lights go out  -  I wanna sleep
( I heard the  angels ) - They whispering ,  to me  
( With the  perfect  echoes ) - Perfect  echoes  to  die                             
I am  afraid only  -  I will  not  see your laugh …

My  head is burning ,  i  fall down to the  ground
You ´ll   find a way for me  to run  down 

Cover me  with blanket  - No  more   
As we  used to do in – In  the   evening  - So  long
There are few –  Just a few   important   words
I love you more …  as whatever  in this world

I´m going to  hide my heart …  my  love
So long  … i´m going to  hide my heart … my  love
My head is burning ,  i  fall down to the  ground …

Jaryj Redman Cervenka – 2020